Amazing filling breakfast

Today I woke up feeling like I wanted to do something delicious and healthy. After a lot of indecision, I picked the following:

Hot water with lemon drops and stevia

Took my supplement pills that are: 

Coconut oil

vitamin C

Multi vitamin or vitamineral greens

and in the middle of the day I always have probiotics.

After I had..

Quinoa real and quinoa grains with stevia, 100% shredded coconut with nothing added, walnut and sliced almonds.

The benefits of hot water with lemon in the morning are many:

1) Aids Digestion. 

2) Cleanses Your System / is a Diuretic. 

3) Boosts Your Immune System. 

4) Balances pH Levels.

5) Clears Skin. 

6) Energizes You and Enhances Your Mood. 

7) Promotes Healing. 

8) Freshens Breath

9)Hydrates Your Lymph System.

10) Aids in Weight Loss. 

And Quinoa is great for weight loss because:

1)Have 8 essential vitamins and amino acids we need for weight loss such as magnesium and calcium. (something great especially for who doesn’t eat many greens, or drinks any sort of soy milk, almond milk, or organic cow milk).

2)Satisfying because of the high content of fiber and protein.

3)Low Glycemic Index. Meaning quinoa is something safe for who has diabetes.

4)Low in calorie. (I love this part, because I eat a LOT OF QUINOA)




Hope everyone has a blessed and happy weekend.





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