Morning yummy juice

Morning yummy juice

This morning I had an awesome start with a Kale, celery, lime and parsley juice.
Been reading 2014 is all about simplifying and focusing in the essential parts of your life.
So this morning I started meditating and doing my morning pages, I have so much clarity to what is really important.
Love is all around us we just have to choose to see it, and of course always be careful with companies you keep because it does influence your life. Have 5 people you admire and that actually really care and love you just the way you are.
So grateful to be back in Los angeles and have the sun shinning every morning.

Today say thank you to those you know truly love you and are there for you..



One thought on “Morning yummy juice

  1. So I’ve tried to make the green drink after my morning workout but it does not taste great. Is there anything you recommend to make the drink more sweet while not adding a lot of lot of sugar?


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