10 Weight Lost Tips

This I learned in my health coach course, that I think is the best decision I ever took in my life. Health coaching is what I am most passionate about in my life besides modeling and gives me a rush of happiness, higher than anything else ever could.


1- DRINK WATER: Hunger can be confused with dehydration. Always drink a cup of water when hungry just to be sure you are not actually thirsty.

2-EAT CARBS: REAL CARBS! Meaning complex carbohydrates, not those silly cereal stuff. Eat Fruits and vegetables(yes they are carbs) and eat whole grain carbs such as brown rice, quino, ezekiel..(you can find bread option of these as well).

3-CHOOSE HEALTHY FATS: Good fats promote so may health benefits as protection against heart disease, cancer, alzheimer’s and depression, and reduces blood pressure and lowers cholesterol. Choose sources as wild fish, avocados and extra virgin oil.

4-EMPHASIZE LEAN PROTEIN: Choose animal sources such as grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and ofcourse everything organic is always better such as organic yogurt, cage-free eggs, and for vegans tofu, tempeh and peanut butter.

5-EAT BREAKFAST: I know I sound like your mother, but breakfast gives your metabolism a jump start and you will be in better control of your cravings and the calories of the day won’t pack up at dinner when we should be eating less. But if you’re not ready for breakfast early in the morning, listen to your body and eat when feels best for you.

6-EAT MORE FREQUENTLY: Try to keep track of your meal choices and balance your calories. Be aware of the density of foods, always choose vegetables and plant-based foods. This way you can eat more and weight less.

7-EXERCISE YOUR BODY AND MIND: Exercise decreases body weight, smaller waist circumference, lower resting heart rate and blood pressure. And my favorite BOOSTS YOUR MOOD. Strive to do 30 min a day of some sort of exercise or walking. Try these:

-Get off the subway or bus one stop earlier. Or Walk to a place near you such as supermarket etc..

-Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

-Go on nightly jogs or walks wit your dog. Or even playing with your children in the park or even try gardening.

8-CATCH SOME ZZZZ”s: That’s the one I need to get better myself at. Research says those who sleep 5 hours or less weight five pounds more than those who sleep at least 7 hours of shut eye per night. So sleep as much as you can during the night, 7 to 8 hrs.

9-LEARN TO COOK: Allows you to control your portions and quality of ingredients, and cuts your intake of sodium, fat and calories. Besides bringing you close to those you love. I actually recently learned I love cooking my food.

10-KEEP TRACK OF WHAT YOU EAT: This for me is the most important one. Be a food detective, see your body’s reaction to food and if possible weight yourself as well every morning. Check labels, and avoid ingredients such as sugar, trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup and long “chemical names” that are hard to pronounce. This is my secret always to keep skinny, nothing is worse to getting to the end of the day and not remembering what you had for breakfast.


Have a great day guys and keep in my mind you are more powerful than you think you are,





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