Deepak Chopra and Meditation

I just started doing this meditation exercises by Deepak Chopra. They are 7 days of meditation focusing in THe Seven Laws of Sucess:

The first one today was *True Potentiality*

Meaning …be silent…meditation…nature…non-judgment

In the end of meditation you can repeat to yourself: With this law of potentiality I can create anything, anytime and anywhere.

The other laws are:

*The Law of giving

*The Law of “Karma” or Cause and Effect

*The Law of Least Effort

*The Law of Intention and Desire

*The Law of Detachment

*The Law of “Drarma” or Purpose in Life (the most important one)


I wish you all a Happy valentines Day and my advice is to meditate, be grateful and to have purpose in this LIfe. Nothing feels or taste better than to know why you are alive.



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