Benefits of doing a Gluten Free Diet

I started a trial and been going Gluten Free and feel incredibly better.

People with celiac disease (1% of population), auto immune disorder, autism or Gluten intolerance(10% of population) are prohibited to eat any Gluten, and that make me think if now-a-days so much people are having problems and allergic reactions to Gluten probably, all of us have a little. That’s my belief.

Gluten is found in wheat, barley, rye, and most oats (read labels)

The Benefits of doing a Gluten Free Diet are:

*Can cure diseases and allergy reactions

*Help you lose weight

*Make you more aware of the food you eat and what you buy

*Better digestion

*Neurological, improves your mood

*Higher energy levels


Naturally Gluten Free Foods:

Plain: ◦ Fruits

◦ Vegetables ◦ Nuts/seeds ◦ Beans ◦ Most dairy ◦ Eggs

◦ Fish, poultry, meat ◦ Herbs ◦ Rice, wild rice


But it is not for anyone, if you are considering please check this article out:


Happy Sunday and Wonderful Week Everyone!!







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