Finding Yourself


I want to start by saying sorry I haven’t been posting for a while. Was feeling out of my element and actually ashamed of myself. We are all humans and sometimes we just lose ourselves a little. I want you to know that I’m not perfect either.
I was traveling a lot and working a lot with modeling jobs. But here I am, YAY!
Today I want to talk about FINDING YOURSELF AGAIN:

Every person does that in a different way but it all comes down to 3 main things.
1-Decision: You have to decide “you” matter. What I mean with this is that not taking care of yourself is only going to make you feel worse. You have to decide it might be painful to work my ass off to feel good but will be even more painful to procrastinate and be stuck with this feelings and actions.
2-Focus and be honest with yourself:Find something that helps you focus. Like put a calendar in your wall and make notes of actions you will take. Join a new gym, spin class, martial arts, hot yoga, dance classes, anything that makes you happy and will help you focus on the moment. Meditate in the morning or in the end of the day. Get a “focus buddy” that can remind you to do what you said you will do. But most of all make a commitment to yourself.
3-Be confident: Our biggest problem as human beings is that sometimes we just don’t trust ourselves. And if you don’t trust yourself nothing in your life will work. You have to keep your promises to yourself before you can keep them to others. So be confident in your walk, do what you said you would do. When you start feeling amazing and being sure that what you doing is the right thing, all people around you will be excited and will want to just copy and do exactly what your doing. Be an EXAMPLE and shine a light in this world.

Other things that help you find yourself:
-Cleansing (detox)
-Listening to music
-Brainstorming ideas
-Spiritual Practice
-Friends and Family

xoxo Tati