Be yourself

I haven’t posted in so long and I have to admit I miss it.


“A man who has reformed himself….will reform thousands.” Yogananda

Remember you are your home. Not the place you are at or the people you are with. But YOU are INSIDE of YOU. That is your home. Life is bigger than us but we are the world. 

I think my message of the day is that we should accept all that we are and write it down. Sometimes only words have an effect on people. 

Who are you?Do you accept the parts you are scared people won’t love? Can you love those parts of you? 

I am a person that is different than normal society. I believe in purity and holiness. I want to be as clean as possible. Away from alcohol, drugs, promiscuity and harming others(all things).  People think that is some sort of pressure or rules. In my reality that gives me time to understand who I am and it isn’t easy. Who you are when you take all your addictions away? Who are you without the distractions?  When you take away everything, it is when you are allowed to know the real you. What annoys you, what hurts you and that pain is what encourages you to reach higher. 

My advice is listen to that voice inside of you. See yourself and don’t let others dictate your own life. Use your voice and words to do what you were called to do. 

Everything should be love. 


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