For me Sundays are days to connected and reflect. I love going to church, in Los Angeles, I picked Zoe Church as my home on sundays. 

I am both religious and spiritual and who knows me well might even say a little overly optimistic at times, I like all people and never see evil. Because of that I met a friend over social media, and tonight I had the pleasure of bringing him for the first time to church.

We talked before and after. I am not sure he will be back there but my conclusion while talking is that doesn’t matter if you like church or not. Doesn’t matter if you are christian or agnostic. My point is if you have godly behavior that is as important as having faith. 

Life should be about making other people FEEL. Giving your gift to people and receiving immense joy in the process. You can’t fake a good heart. My hope for the world is that more and more people realize the relationships we create and cultivate are the intruments the world can use to be peaceful. 

Our life spam is short. Make sure you use every second of your life for uplifting others, we generally underestimate ourselves. Sometimes by losing ourselves in others we find ourselves complete. 

Feel and let it spread.


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