Dont let you soul scape from who you are, you were meant for more 

People ask me dont you get lonely at times? 

I get so lonely and when you take all away pain is the only thing left and it’s real but it’s because of that same pain that I have hope and excitement to finally get what I believe I deserve. 

We humans all make mistakes, nobody will ever be perfect and that is so incredibly beautiful, the same way that you aren’t perfect your life will be the same. You can’t ask of yourself something that not even our lives are capable of giving us. Dont be so hard on yourself but keep your purpose and journey in front of you. 

People learn from example, from words and by being supported. You are the people you hang out with, you are the books you read, the tv you watch, the food you eat, the music you listen and the energy you put out. You are every single thing you do. So do it as if you were teaching a daughter or a son by example. Do it as you were consistenly the LEAD on your on movie. 


Who would you be if everyone on earth were meant to be just like you? How can you be a messenger of HOPE? 

It starts with YOU!


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