Romantic love

It is something about your eyes, the way you look at me. You say I love you with your stare. It is like someone is seeing me the way I always wanted to see myself.

It is a connection that words cannot explain and I feel it inside of me. It isn’t like butterflies, it’s more like a hurricane taking over every bit and every sense in my body. Your mind speaks to mine, your heart beats with mine and the energy is overflowing with love. I feel like if I feel pain or joy that you will feel it too. Time stops.

You are like the best friend I just met. The words you write are being written inside my mind and going directly into my heart. Someone I feel I will take over the world with and it scares me.  Because I know with time you will know who I really am and might give this up. I am not the perfect girl you think I am and I have a lot of fears. One of them is starting something that I care more than anything and then losing it. Is sometimes easier not to try.

I used to be the girl that risks everything but time has taught me that not everything is as it seems. Not all that shines is gold. But I am here trying to believe again. I fall into pieces, I start breaking because I never feel at ease. Maybe it is my anxiety that ends my chances with feeling and living real love.

I guess all I need to hear is follow me, believe in us and everything will be ok. It is always easier said than done. I guess I want you to not let me give up, I guess I need you to never give up for us and make me see my fears are always illusions I keep creating every single day. You are meant to be my family, my home and my partner. It is weird to know that life will one day end for us, I just want to make sure I pick someone that will make me feel alive even when knowing one day I’m going to die.


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