“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalms

God has been trying to speak to me in so many different ways and I finally understood his message. 

” Be still and know that I am God.” Psalms

Such a powerful message. The past weeks and this whole year I felt I was brought to truly know God. From the uber driver that stopped his car and prayed with me, to the pastor Uber driver I was with when I received the best news of the year and then uber driver that gave a bible passage to read that was the same bible passage I opened my bible at when I was about to go to bed the same night. At first I thought is all coincidence but today I realize it wasn’t the case. 

I met someone the other day that told me watch the documentary AWAKE that same day a friend of mine dream that I was pregnant, people say the meaning of that specific type of dreams is health and new beginnings. The documentary was about yogananda and his teachings that are the same beliefs I had since I was a child. Somehow people started appearing in my life that either read his book or knew about his life’s work and places I could learn more about him. 

Finally I invited a friend of mine to church, he only went to church once before. He agreed, we had a good time and some days later, coming to today he invited me to Lake Shrine Temple. http://www.lakeshrine.org/

I accepted going and decided to bring my dog’s ashes. I wanted she to be sacred in the best possible place. Today was the day my friend that died in October was meant to graduate and receive his medical degree, as well. Both died days in between. Felt like it all made sense that I was invited to the temple this specific day. Arriving there we see there is a temple tour at 2pm, which only happens fridays at that time and sundays. I know it sounds hilarious but for me it felt meant to be. I learned about the temple and we were asked to meditate for 5 min. I felt my soul connected to God and I asked the meaning of all of this. I felt the answer was for you to be healed you need to be still. While being still you will be with me.

Life will always get hectic, 2015 was the hardest year I ever had until today. Being still is the answer. You can’t control events, people or your own life sometimes. God can, and he can much more than that. Don’t lose hope but maybe change your focus from you to a higher self. 

Be with God. Be still! 


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