Let your thoughts flow and don’t be scared of what comes from it. We live so afraid of our feelings and thoughts. If anything 2015 has taught me that with hardship comes growth and although I love the “fun times” and “happy moments”, I am grateful for my growth and where I am arriving in 2016. 

I am no near perfect or should I say I should be an example for anyone. However, I am certain my path will bring me to amazing things if I keep discovering and being opened to people and to what God(universe) wants to show me. 

We live in an age and time where we need more people who encourage one another, love and protect. When I say protect I even say protect us from us. We are hunted by our traumas and those that make us act insane. I know for me at the end of the day, when all is dark and it’s just me against me that I know what I truly have to offer and no matter how much sadness I have lived I know I deserve and desire wonderful things. Look to the world as a safe place and it will look back at you the same way. 

I want us and me to realize we must love one another, we must love ourselves and sometimes that means learning to say NO. Say NO to everything that doesn’t connect to who you are, where you want to be or simply doesn’t make you feel good. You were given intuition, tap into that. Ask yourself who is good to me, in my friendships, my family, at work and even my partner. Am I truly being loved and appreciated? 

Cheers to better choices in 2016! 


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