I used to be afraid of pain, of being hurt and of scars. Now I have known defeat, abuse and fear. However, now I am grateful for every minute of if. I feel transformed. 

I truly have scars, on my soul and in my body. Of course they are scary and ugly. I am not as perfect as I used to be, but at least I am more human. I don’t want to pretend to be something I am not, I don’t want to fit into what people think it’s normal. I want to be a catalyst of freedom. 

Freedom of shame. Freedom of lies. Freedom of the prison we put ourselves in every single day. You are the sum of everything you lived up to this moment but take courage because it also means everything you overcame. You are made new everyday. Rise! 

Rise and show yourself. Pure and alive. Completely and lovingly you. Not afraid of the consequences but facing every obstacle because you made the decision to never look back again. Just rise! 


Greetings to 2016

My word for the year is Unstoppable. Because I want to rise from all perpectives in my life. I don’t feel I ever had my life ambitions and desires so clear ahead of me. Feels wonderful to accept who I am, with my head held high. I guess that is what loving yourself is, understanding you are not perfect.

For me is all about gathering all those memories and realizing it brought you to now. Your now is better than any yesterday. Sometimes we feel like the world will end, the pain won’t stop and the fear will eat us alive. Fear is a monster that can destroy the best of people, but you have to learn to live with it. I guess I learned to love the monster because the monster is part of who I am. 

You have to learn to love your flaws and let yourself be loved for them. You have to find people that will love you exactly because you have flaws. How does God loves us all uncondicionally? Why can’t you love everyone around you? Why is it so wrong  to love another person? I trust the knowledge that those who hate haven’t learned to love themselves, because we are all made of the same cells and made for the same purpose. 

We are made to find and discover new ways to accept one another for our differencies and come together in a relationship. We are made to learn from one another. We are made to connect to what is natural and available. Born to create life, beauty and presence. We are made of water, knowledge, sight, music, art, and movement. We have the energy of the earth inside of us and we choose to use it for hurting us (the earth) everyday instead of making it better.

I want 2016 to be the beggining of the best years of my life. Years I will choose to give myself to people, to help, to nurture, to motivate, inspire, grow, listen and see beyond measures. Discease is created in loneliness. Friendship can heal. Love can cure. I want to make every single person I meet know they have good because if I have you must have it too. I agree financial prosperity to be necessary, accomplishments and adventures. However, what will truly fill you with a feeling better than anything in the world is being there for people. Give love and feel loved! 

– Good Night!