I used to be afraid of pain, of being hurt and of scars. Now I have known defeat, abuse and fear. However, now I am grateful for every minute of if. I feel transformed. 

I truly have scars, on my soul and in my body. Of course they are scary and ugly. I am not as perfect as I used to be, but at least I am more human. I don’t want to pretend to be something I am not, I don’t want to fit into what people think it’s normal. I want to be a catalyst of freedom. 

Freedom of shame. Freedom of lies. Freedom of the prison we put ourselves in every single day. You are the sum of everything you lived up to this moment but take courage because it also means everything you overcame. You are made new everyday. Rise! 

Rise and show yourself. Pure and alive. Completely and lovingly you. Not afraid of the consequences but facing every obstacle because you made the decision to never look back again. Just rise! 


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