Bright Line Eating

I want to blog about this journey I am starting. Bright line eating is a way of life, a way of life I want to commit to. Life gets hard and a lot of things fall through. You can’t rely on your job, people  and even family, at times.

I want to do this and go back to myself. I want to do this because I want to choose me over and over again. I want to prove to me, that I love myself enough to commit to something and go until the end. Doesn’t matter how many times I fail, i’ll fail better and start from day one again. 

I will use this as an example to my job, my friendships and the family one day i’ll raise. It’s a proof that my flesh can be made rock by repetition. It’s proof that the weak can be powerful. Proof that warriors are made and not born ready. 

Romance starts with wonder but love is found in showing up and not giving up. I want my life to be pleasing, to be pure and to be healing. I want to expand and be the best me I can be. For me happiness is knowing you can rely on yourself and that no matter what happens you will pick yourself up again and again because you trust yourself. For me I am already happy and free.


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