The wonder

Wonder and passion doesn’t equal love. I believe love has to be earned, for some people giving love is easy because they are born to give and they trust and give as easy as breathing. I am one of those people because loving my faith, makes me love people and have faith in them. 

Some other people, though, and many are like that, weren’t born to feel. They are born without compass and they love life for discovery. Discover what feeling actually is. They think because of passion that reasoning is not always necessary and either they risk a relationship or none at all. Some live from flings to flings others from small lasting relationships enjoying the easy part but not the hard part where real love is built from. 

I wasn’t lucky enough to have a certain kind of love that lasted but I believe I am smart enough to know logic is necessary when it comes to it. I know love is not meant to be easy, and that it not always conquers everything. A relationship with one-self is hard enough, our own battles, stuggles, insecurities are already hard to deal imagine then combining those to another individual with their own battles.

As human beings we will always be weak and our force is not our own and mostly is supernatural. I choose to believe real love comes surpasing passion, then friendship, then confusion, then reconciliation and then you reach a level of over-bearing trust. The person becomes more than family they become an extension of you. They are not everything that you are but is a sense that they add to you, what you needed and then you become the best version of yourself.

Whatever struggle they bring, whatever luck they add is just naturally necessary to make your life lessons easier to understand. They are the sum of everything you thought you didn’t need but you learned you actually could receive. That is the type of love I wish for and hope to get. 


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