Examine your heart and mind

Sometimes I feel like screaming. I feel deep in my soul a pain for the world. People around me need to wake up from their wants and needs. I have so many people I care about that are looking for the wrong things in the wrong places and that is me included at times. 

Money, fame, drugs, sex, foods, the best hip place, the new instagram famous person, the new bag, the new outfit and the best degree. I don’t understand what happened to relationships, what happened to spending time and opening up? What happened to staying in silence and admiring life? 

Why are things so hard nowadays?  I believe we are better about technology and ways to connect but we are not connecting. I believe we are more lost than we ever been. I have to admit I feel lost too, I don’t think what I want is good for me anymore and I consistenly have to stop myself from acting about my wishes and desires. 

I don’t know exacty how things can be different but I know I don’t want to give up on myself, and searching for those things in dark places while destroying my soul and body is not the way to go. I hope some of you can discover inside yourselves that those things are temporary and not what will bring you value in the long term life we hope you will be living. 


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