Stay strong for yourself

I have to remind myself to be strong for myself. I try not to care about what other people think of me but it is so hard. Life can get really hard sometimes. I want to be loved for what I really am and be true to myself. People can’t comprehend or they pretend they don’t. I see mistakes all around me and I think to myself why they don’t choose the same path.

Sometimes I think if I was like the “cool kids” that my life would be easier or maybe that I would be loved more. I am not simple in my mind and I will never be. I analyze things and I give myself to people and I am passionate. I get to places sometimes and I think I might be crazy because i’m so different. I remind myself again be strong for yourself.

I close my eyes and remember this life is short and I have to give example. I remind myself the person I want to be in 20 years from now. No, I don’t like drugs. Yes, I am waiting for the right partner. No, I don’t have to wear this/that brand to reach fame. No, I don’t want to pretend I’m edgy to get that job. I am nice, I like being sweet to people, I love being healthy and I won’t accept your way of living. “Don’t set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.”

I am a little different but I don’t think i’m wrong. They might look at me and judge me. I might be the boring one for you now. I might be the weird one. I may as well be too girl next door to you, but sure enough in some time I will be the one you wished you could come knocking.

I will let time and my actions speak for myself.






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