After years I finally understand what is to arrive home. Arriving home is a self-discovery. Someone can only arrive home when they discover their identity. Home is not a place but a state. You won’t have time for silly subjects and you will simple understand that nothing really matters because everything passes you by. 
I thought my home was Brasil where I grew up, where I was raised with care, love, rules, education and trust. I just never felt at peace there and I wanted to run away. I finally did go away and I traveled the world and had the wanderlust experience so many people of any age crave for at only 16 years old. 

I lived in the most incredible places, from China, London, Paris and Thailand. Places  where I discovered who I really was meant to be and who I wanted to be. I landed in Los angeles where I decided made sense for me to build a life at. Even feeling this is home to me I know it’s not the place that makes me at home but who I became while here. 

I became strong, I became independent and I became resilient. I found safety within myself and not in others. I decided I would be myself even if that meant losing people I loved. I made the decision to always love myself first. That I didn’t need to prove to my friends, my lover, my work that I am good enough because only if I accept myself will they accept me. That it is ok to be different than everybody else but we should always choose to help, be healthy and good. We live to add value not to disrupt an already twisted world. We live by choices and I made the choice to live in peace within myself before all. I hope I can inspire people to start making better choices.